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Picked by hand, seabuckthorn leaves are then air dried, producing a tea with a delicate, green tea flavour. An excellent and nutritional resource, seabuckthorn leaves contain most of the biologically active compounds in the fruit with even greater concentrations of flavonols and sterols. High in hydroxybenzene, the leaves are also an excellent source of important vitamins and SOD. Seabuckthorn leaves are wild and natural without pesticide. Seabuckthorn tea is a nourishing, flavourful drink. Defecated and diuresised, low theine content. As health-care food, both elder and youth adapt to drink seabuckthorn tea. Usage guidelines: 1 Processed package tea: seabuckthorn leaves are crushed, producing package tea directly; or adding into flavouring and producing tea. This way is either convenient and hygeian. 2 Processed tea beverage: it is the first to distill seabuckthorn tea through hot water, secondly preparing distilled liquid with sugaricid and acidicid, finally seabuckthorn tea beverage is produced by sterilization and canned. 3 Used to extract hydroxybenzene: biochemical ingredient of seabuckthorn leaves are determined by institute of tea, Chinese academy of agricultural sciences. According to the result, seabuckthorn tea contains 26.3% hydroxybenzene and the content is higher than xihulongjin. Then seabuckthorn tea is perfect raw material to extract hydroxybenzene.


Seabuckthorn tea Seabuckthorn tea which has special perfume and sweet flavour is made of natural tender seabuckthorn leaves from loess plateau. The colour of tea is brown , crystal and well-proportioned. Its easy to dunk. It contains Vc,VE, flavone alcohol,, terpene acid, SOD and lower theine which is 310 times less than the contents in other type of tea. Drinking seabuckthorn tea frequently will improve lacking-of-blood cardiopathy, coronary heart disease as well asangina , reduce cholesterol and glycerin in blood, improve blood-supply to cardiac muscle. It has good effection on various inflammation such as faucitis, quinsy and prostatitis. It also has the function on increasing bile exudation and capillary vessel tenacity . In clinical application, the therapeutic effect rate of astriction was 90%. Its suitable for elders, high blood pressure sufferer and neurasthenic person to drink for lightening agitation of backbone nerve because of the low contents of theine. * Ingredients (100 g): Vc: 120 mg VE: 7 mg Flavone alcohol: 160 mg Terpene acid: 300 mg Chlorogenic acid : 280 mg SOD 1500 IU * Executive Standard: Q/SC. 001-1993 * Specification: 2g x 30packs / box



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